Mozilla “Recommends” Surf Canyon

June 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Less than one month after being “approved” by Mozilla, we’re thrilled to announce that our extension has been added to their list of “recommended add-ons,” an honor bestowed to a mere 3% of those available. Drew Olanoff at Download Squad picked up the news with the following:

“When we saw Surf Canyon, we figured it was just another search add-on. It was obvious after installing it and searching around on Google for about 3 minutes that we were wrong… This is one to watch.”

Surf Canyon “Recommended” on Mozilla

Above: Screen shot of Surf Canyon as a “recommended” add-on on We added the circle.

Update (6/6/08): Today Mozilla added Surf Canyon to the rotation for the top slot on their add-on home page!

Surf Canyon on Mozilla’s Add-ons Home Page

Above: Screen shot of Surf Canyon in the top position on Mozilla’s add-on home page. No circle required.

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  • Mohammed

    Congratulations on this achievement, just another testimony of the great product you guys have developed. Keep up the good work

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